COUNTRY Financial Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Loss Predictive Model

For the insurance industry, the potential to understand customers and businesses using new dimensions represented by social and other online data can unleash significant new insights from both customer behavior and risk perspective. These insights can drive insuranceautomation, underwriting efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. The objective of this project is to develop and optimize the […]

Analysis of Defined Outcome Investing Algorithm

A few years ago, a new investment approach came to market—Defined Outcome Investing (DOI). DOI often promises the delivery of the upside performance of an equity asset to a certain level, with a defined downside protection amount, over a pre-established period. The first DOI ETF was just introduced in late 2018. In the following few […]

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Project

Machine Learning (ML) techniques have been applied broadly in the field of actuarial science and achieve fruitful results. However, to solve a practical problem with ML, the agent needs to preprocess the dataset, choose the proper ML tools, and tweak the hyperparameters of the model. All these steps are task-specific and require expert knowledge, which […]

Luyan Sales Data Analysis Project

Sales data provides businesses with valuable information on the profiling of their customers and thus has important implications on business problems, such as the improvement of customer satisfaction, retention rate, and sale efficiency. In this project, a dataset of sales records will be provided by Luyan Pharma, which has not been analyzed and utilized to […]

AXIS Systemic Cyber Threats Project

AXIS Capital is one of the major insurance carriers that provide cyber policies. As the world is becoming more connected than ever, systemic cyber threats pose a great risk to businesses that rely on information technology, as well as to insurers like AXIS, who provide financial protections to those businesses. As an example of systemic […]