Alumni Engagement

Actuarial Science Advisory Board

The Actuarial Science Advisory Board is comprised primarily of alumni working as senior actuaries across the U.S. The goal of the Actuarial Science Advisory Board is to help the department stay ahead of the latest developments in actuarial education and industry to keep the program strong and vibrant. The board was formed in October 2017.

The Actuarial Science Advisory Board (ASAB) is committed to the objectives of growth, development, and promotion of the actuarial science program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The ASAB looks to achieve these objectives in the following areas:

  • Financial support for the students through fund-raising, scholarship development, and teaching resources
  • Opportunities to engage in practical actuarial experience
  • A robust and responsive recruiting process
  • Alumni engagement

The Board’s engagement towards the objectives above are done in collaboration across the Board and in greater detail through various subcommittees.

The current Actuarial Science Advisory Board members are:

  • Susan Morisato (BS Math and Education 1975; MS Mathematics 1977), Retired
  • Sara Frankowiak (BS, Actuarial Science 1996), State Farm
  • Steve Armstrong (BS, Actuarial Science 1992, MBA Marketing UIC 2003) Allstate
  • Bob Quane (BS Actuarial Science 1990), Beazley
  • Joseph Sintov (BS Actuarial Science 1971), Retired
  • Daniel Stier, (BS Finance and Actuarial Science 2006) Northwestern Mutual
  • Carolyn Yau (BS Actuarial Science 1977), Homesite Insurance
  • Elvar Snorrason (MS, Actuarial Science 2011), Deloitte
  • J. Spero Zacharias (BA 1987 UNC; MBA 2003 Fordham Univ), Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Actuarial Science Alumni of the Year Award

The Actuarial Science Program’s Alumni of the Year Award is given to alumni who have made outstanding contributions in one or more of the following ways:

  • Exceptional accomplishment in the actuarial profession.
  • Exceptional accomplishment in non-traditional areas of actuarial practice.
  • Exceptional service in local, state or national affairs.
  • Exceptional service in support of the advancement and continued excellence of the Illinois Actuarial Science Program.

A recent recipient of the Alumni of the Year award is Actuarial Science Advisory Board member Steven Armstrong.

Any interested person may submit a nomination for an alumni award, which are reviewed by the Department of Mathematics Alumni Awards Committee. Because evaluations are based solely on the information submitted, nominators will want to take care to ensure that the material adequately describes the nominee’s qualifications. The alumni awards committee acts as impartial evaluator and does not participate in the awards nomination process. The awards are given at the discretion of the Department of Mathematics Alumni Awards Committee and the Department of Mathematics and are not necessarily awarded every year. The awards committee maintains complete confidentiality of the nomination, which continues under active consideration for a period of three years. 

All nominations should include:

1. Name, address, degree(s)/year received from University of Illinois, and career path

2. A biographical sketch in the form of a resume or curriculum vitae and/or a written description of the nominee’s work and service that includes the recipient’s achievement or significant accomplishments

3. Two supporting letters from individuals familiar with the nominee

4. Other supporting documentation that will help the Department of Mathematics Alumni Awards Committee evaluate the singularity of achievement

If unable to provide any of the above information, please state why when filling in the nomination form online.

Or submit your nomination by mail to:
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Department of Mathematics
ATTN: Mathematics Alumni Award Committee
273 Altgeld Hall | 1409 W. Green Street | Urbana, IL 61801