Graduate Certificate Program in Data Analytics for Finance and Insurance

Graduate Certificate Program in Data Analytics for Finance and Insurance

Get recognized for your knowledge of analytics when you earn a graduate certificate in Data Analytics for Finance and Insurance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

Opportunities for both classroom and remote learning!


Program can be completed in 1 year


Flexibility for working professionals


Experiential learning with business cases


Enhance skills in field of data science


The Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics for Finance and Insurance is a micro-credential for those looking to transition to or advance in the field of data science for career opportunities in the financial and insurance industry, or in preparation for admission into a Master’s degree program in Data Science or Predictive Analytics. The micro-credential recognizes the achievements of coursework that form the foundation of financial and insurance data analytics.


Find out more about the following courses offered to earn the graduate certificate:

ASRM 455
Predictive Analytics

Emphasizes techniques of predictive analytics and introductory applications to actuarial science, finance, and economics.

ASRM 533
Risk Management Practices and Regulation

Offers a comprehensive coverage of different aspects of risks and regulation of financial institutions.

ASRM 499/595*
Deep Learning for Finance and Insurance

This course provides you with the basics for understanding this fast-evolving technology in financial applications.

ASRM 499/595
Generalized Linear Models

This course aims to provide students with a rich toolbox of traditional statistical methodologies to handle different types of finance and insurance datasets.

ASRM 499/595
Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Finance

This course is intended for beginners without business or cryptography backgrounds.

ASRM 499/595
Statistics for Risk Modeling

This course will introduce students to the theory behind supervised and unsupervised data analysis techniques.

In order to earn the Graduate Certificate, the candidate is only required to complete three (3) of the six (6) courses listed above, all of their choice. Each course consists of 4 Graduate hours of course credit study for a total of 12 hours upon completion.

The candidate has the option of completing these courses either on-line, in a classroom setting, or under a hybrid setting. We support a flexible approach to meeting the student’s needs to complete their requirements towards earning the Graduate Certificate.

Candidates interested in the Graduate Certificate program are not required to enroll as full time graduate students and will be permitted to register for each course as a non-degree student.

Students enrolled in the MS, Predictive Analytics & Risk Management program are also eligible for the Graduate Certificate by completing the courses in the degree program that meet the requirements for the Graduate Certificate. Details to be provided shortly.

Program Requirements

You must hold a bachelor’s degree and have the background necessary to complete graduate-level courses in data analytics gained through either their bachelor’s degree or work experience. The prerequisite course material can be referenced in the course curriculum links above.

Tuition and Fees

Estimated cost for this program is available via Illinois Online.  There is no financial aid available for this program.


Candidates can start the program in August or January each year. There is no limit on the time of completion to allow maximal flexibility. Candidates should submit an online application and must be approved by a certificate advisor before entering the program. Accepted students will be notified by the certificate advisor.


Those interested in learning more about this certificate should email the PARM Office at

Please include your prior academic experience so we can determine if this certificate program is a good fit for you. 

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