Double and Dual Major Guide

Actuarial Science is a major that is often taken simultaneously with a second major in mind. Some of the most common actuarial double majors are: Actuarial Science & Statistics, Actuarial Science & Communication, Actuarial Science & Finance, and many more combinations that you may think of. These and many other majors are often taken together to expand the career readiness of a future actuary.

This is a guide to help those who are currently interested in adding a second major while here at the University of Illinois. A double major differentiates itself from a dual degree by having a major that is classified within the same college as the original. For Actuarial Science, that means any major that falls within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences would classify as a double major.

Double Major

The process for those looking for a double major within the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences is fairly simple and straightforward. But there are also some restrictions that apply:

  • A course cannot count toward requirements of more than two majors.
  • If you want to complete an additional major, you must earn at least 12 hours of distinct, advanced-level coursework in the major discipline. [NOTE: These hours do not include supporting coursework or technical electives used for the first major.]
  • Major combinations with significant course overlap are not allowed, including Molecular and Cellular Biology/Integrative Biology and Mathematics/Math + CS. Additionally, you cannot complete more than one concentration in a single major.
  • Students completing Individual Plans of Study must receive the approval of their advisors before declaring a double major.

Students in LAS’s Sciences and Letters Curriculum may declare their intent to complete multiple majors in LAS any time except the months of April and November by notifying their admissions/records officer in LAS Student Academic Affairs. Secure the appropriate form, meet with an advisor in each department, and submit the completed form to the admissions/records officer. In essence, contact an advisor from the department that you are interested in, and complete the necessary form.

Fortunately, the General Education requirements are consistent throughout LAS, so there are most likely no further requirements that must be met in that regard.

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Dual Degree

For a dual degree, the process becomes a little more complicated, but it is still very much achievable with the right plan of action. The following is the process and the requirements that must be satisfied to successfully apply for and complete a dual degree (information taken from the LAS advising web page).

  • Students seeking dual degree candidacy must complete the full application process, including securing appropriate advising and being approved at the departmental and college levels according to the required schedule. Part of the planning process involves meeting with the advisors in each of the proposed majors to determine appropriate class choices and to assess whether a second degree is an appropriate path in achieving educational goals.
  • Students must complete all of the requirements specified for both degree programs as well as an additional 30 hours above those required for the degree with the highest number of total required hours.
  • All LAS General Education requirements must be fulfilled, including non-primary language.
  • Students desiring to complete a dual degree must earn at least 12 hours of distinct, advanced-level coursework in the LAS major discipline. Careful planning is important because the courses used as distinct advanced coursework in the LAS major cannot be used in meeting another degree program’s requirements.
  • Students must also review the university rules governing dual degrees, which can be found in ยง3:801 in the Student Code.

These are only some of the requirements that are listed on the LAS advising web page for dual degrees. For access to the full list as well as the dual degree schedule, please refer to this page: LAS Dual Degrees.

If  you have any questions after reading this guide, please feel free to email Hopefully, this information will serve as an inspiration to commit to another major that interests you while studying here at the University of Illinois.