3+2 Dual Degree Program

Nankai University and University of Illinois
3+2 Dual Degree Program

The “3+2” dual degree program offers perspective students a streamlined and fast track education experience for both undergraduate study at Nankai University and graduate school at the University of Illinois. Participants are expected to spend first three years at Nankai, receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Nankai, and come to Illinois for two years to complete educational requirements for a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois.

Admission Requirements

  • Participants should have enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree programs offered by the School of Mathematical Sciences at Nankai University.
  • Participants should be selected for this program in their third year of study by an advisory committee at Nankai University.
  • All potential candidates should have completed by the time of their enrollment at Illinois
    • all but four (or fewer) courses towards their Bachelors degree from Nankai University;
    • any thesis requirements necessary for completion of their Bachelor degree;
  • All potential candidates should satisfy the minimum English language proficiency requirements
    • TOEFL: greater than 102 (internet-based test), with a speaking score of 20 or above
    • IELTS: greater than 6.5
      (Applicants may be qualified for limited admission status if they have obtained at least the following scores: TOEFL: 92 (internet-based test)
      IELTS: 6.5, and/or a score of 6.0 or higher in all sub-sections

Qualified participants will be offered an admission from the Department of Mathematics at Illinois.

  • Actuarial science
  • Applied Mathematics: Optimization and Algorithms
  • Applied Mathematics: Applications to Sciences
  • Applied Mathematics: Computational Science and Engineering
  • Mathematics

Course of Study

Participants in the program can enroll in a Master’s program in any of the following areas of study:

The graduation requirements for all Master’s degree programs can be found in the Guide for Graduate Students in Mathematics.

Participants who successfully complete the program may apply for admittance to a PhD program at either Illinois or Nankai, and will be subject to the same application procedures and admission requirements as all other applicants.


Qiong Song
Nankai University
Office of Undergraduate Affairs
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel: +86-22-23508372
Email: songqiong@nankai.edu.cn

Lee DeVille
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Mathematics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tel:  (217) 333-5601
Email: rdeville@illinois.edu

Runhuan Feng
Director of the Actuarial Science Program
Department of Mathematics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tel: (217) 300-5630
Email: rfeng@illinois.edu