Maintenance and Development

Data visualization is a great tool for you, a wannabe actuary or data scientist, to communicate with your teammates and clients. And interactive visualization is even better. R Shiny is a framework that makes the process of developing an interactive web application easy.

This project is a continuation of a summer 2020 project, in which we have developed a website to showcase our data, models, and results for pandemic contingency planning and medical resources allocation, based on the preprint by Chen et al. (2020).

As the vaccine for the novel coronavirus is on its way, we will move forward to the next phase of this research topic and focus on the optimal allocation for vaccination. Therefore, the second part of this project will be integrating new data, models, and results, with the existing website.

Students: Qingxuan Kong, Ben Lipka, Jingying Luo, Sihan Meng, Erchi Wang, Jasmine Yi, Yi Yuan, Cameron Groch, Xuan Lin

Supervisors: Xiaowei Chen, Alfred Chong, Runhuan Feng
Graduate Supervisor: Linfeng Zhang