Using Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Extract Actuarial-Related Information from Online Customer Reviews for Businesses

For the insurance industry, the potential to understand customers and businesses using new dimensions represented by social and other online data can unleash significant new insights from both customer behavior and risk perspective. These insights can drive insurance automation, underwriting efficiency, and enhanced customer experience. This project is a real-life actuarial data science project provided […] Maintenance and Development

Data visualization is a great tool for you, a wannabe actuary or data scientist, to communicate with your teammates and clients. And interactive visualization is even better. R Shiny is a framework that makes the process of developing an interactive web application easy. This project is a continuation of a summer 2020 project, in which […]

Implied Value-at-Risk: Model-Free and Forward-Looking Risk Estimates for the US Banks

A rapid and persistent market value decline of the US bank equity, around 50% since January 2020, can be observed during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the economy as a whole is under stress, stock returns of banks have done worse than those of non-bank financial institutions such as broker-dealers and insurance companies, and non-financial firms. […]

AI-Powered Lifecycle Financial Planning

Life is a game with sophisticated rules. With today‚Äôs AI technology, we can develop a lifecycle strategy guide for successes in such a game. This project aims to build algorithms that optimize decision making process for meeting important financial goals in life. We look for students who can assist in programming various life-changing scenarios for […]

Cyber Risk Data Analysis

With the ever-increasing reliance on technology, such as Zoom meeting, online purchase, and even national security for sensitive research, the importance of proper cyber risk management is evident, especially during the time of COVID-19 when everyone works remotely. Learning from the cyber incident history is crucial in order to build risk management and pricing models. […]

COUNTRY Commercial/Residual Building Age Model

An important variable in assessing risk of a commercial/residual building is the actual age of the building. While this seems obvious, obtaining the true age of the building can be challenging. COUNTRY has made use of data available but would like to explore machine learning techniques for assessing the age of a commercial/residual building. Using […]