Paratus LLC – Third party liability claims management (Student – Consulting)

Paratus Partners LLC is a provider of third-party liability claims management for healthcare service providers (mainly hospital systems). Hospitals incur losses because they fail to recover all their costs related to a covered claim. Especially claims covered through a third party liability insurer are sometimes too cumbersome to handle by a hospital. Most hospitals do not have sufficient resources or expertise to coordinate the benefit payments across the multiple carriers found in third party liability cases.​

Paratus and the IRisk Lab are working closely together to address research questions with regards to claims management. In a series of projects, we aim in creating a model that will help Paratus to (a) provide better predictability to their clients and (b) enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their workflow processes. 

Students: Nargiz Alekberova, Biwen Ling, Jingying Luo, Sara Lagvankar

Supervisor: Daniël Linders