P2P insurance: risk sharing of heterogeneous risks

The main objective of an insurance contract is to provide an adequate risk sharing scheme between insured and insurer. An insurance contract should allow the insured to make a risk bearable, which would be unbearable without an insurance contract (e.g. the risk of major damage to your house in case of fire). However, other risk sharing schemes exist that allow for such a risk transfer, but which are more efficient/cheaper than an insurance contract.

In this project we will compare classical insurance with Peer-to-Peer (P2P)-insurance. P2P insurance is a form of decentralized network, where the policyholders are assumed to make payments directly to each other. Such an approach is fundamentally different from classical insurance, where payments are made by and to a central unit (the insurance company)

Students: Shuyi Jiang, Churui Li, Jing Wu

Supervisor: Daniël Linders

Graduate Supervisor: Samal Abdikerimova