Spatiotemporal Modeling on Foot Traffic Data to Unlock Auto Insurance Geo-risks

Foot traffic data is captured by various sources, such as smartphone APP, telematics devices in the vehicle, which can help insurance monitor policy holders’ behavior. It is beneficial for insurance companies to price the risk accurately and accelerate the underwriting process. On the other hand, policyholders are given incentives for good driving behavior. There are […]

Insurance Privacy Preservation in Federated Learning Collaboration

Due to privacy and data confidentiality concerns, today’s insurance industry is rife with the protectionism of proprietary data, which has become a major roadblock that prevents the free flow of data and collaborations between data scientists and analysts. The inaccessibility of data across the boundaries of insurance firms or even business divisions within a corporation […]

FinTech Regulatory Sandbox

Regulatory sandbox is a framework in which businesses test out innovative business models, product, services without subjecting to the full regulations for the activities. The UK Financial Conduct Authority, the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are among the first regulatory agencies to introduce the regulatory sandbox and to propagate the concept around the world. This […]