Actuarial Program Approved to Offer All Available UEC Credits

The Actuarial Program at the University of Illinois has been approved to grant qualified students eligibility for UEC credits for all SOA exams that can be obtained through UEC credits, namely: FM, FAM_L, FAM_S, FAM, SRM, ASTAM and ALTAM. The final exam to be approved, SRM, will now be offered in the upcoming Spring 2023 […]

Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics Seminar Announcement

The pandemic seems to have caused (or even still causing) disruptive changes in our work, study, and daily lives. However, actuaries should see risk as opportunities! In Summer 2020, the Illinois Risk Lab recruited 17 students, including Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, and Engineering majors, to launch a web-baesd tool (, to showcase the pandemic […]