ASRM 499/595 – Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Finance

Course Description

Blockchain technology is an empowering tool that can make financial services more transparent, efficient, and distributed than they are today. If you can understand the fundamentals, potential risks, and impact of blockchain technology, you hold the key to a new territory of career development as business professionals, investors, technology managers, or entrepreneurs. This course is intended for beginners without business or cryptography backgrounds.

The traditional financial service industry is largely built on centralized client-server business models. In recent years, new decentralized peer-to-peer business models driven by blockchain technology have emerged as remedies to existing issues with the traditional financial industry. In this course, we shall first give an overview of the building blocks of blockchain technology such as data structure, basic cryptography, and network consensus. We shall then study a wide range of decentralized applications including wallets, key management, cryptocurrencies, stable coins, decentralized exchanges, lending, derivatives, and insurance.