Playbook for 21st century retirement planning

While many retirement planning products such as annuities have been around for centuries, the needs of retirement financial security are drastically different in the 21st century. Just to name a few, the dynamics of family structure, employee-employer relationship, end-of-life care, rising medical costs, and financial technology, all made retirement planning much more complicated than just a decade ago. The idea of a one-size-fits-all retirement is an outdated concept. People face difficult choices on how to plan savings and enjoy their lifetime incomes. There is a critical need for a better understanding of the changing retirement needs in the society and how smart planning can achieve individualized retirement goals.

This project is the first phase of a multi-semester program to develop “smart technology” for retirement planning. The current phase involves content analysis of retirement planning products currently available in the market. No background on retirement planning is needed, as technical training will be provided. Preference will be given to candidates with strong communication and analytical skills. 

Students: Ruizheng Bai, Xiaomeng Yu, Ivan Wu, Wilson Jonathan Phurwo, Shuyu Guo

Supervisor: Runhuan Feng