Pekin Insurance General Liability Insurance(GL) Loss Predictive Modeling

For the insurance industry, the potential to understand customers and businesses using new dimensions represented by social and other online data can unleash significant new insights from both customer behavior and risk perspective. These insights can drive insurance automation, underwriting efficiency, and enhanced customer experience.

This project is a real-life actuarial data science project provided by Carpe Data. Carpe Data is an Insurtech company that provides insurance companies with next-generation data solutions to gain a more in-depth insight into risks. Pekin Insurance is a leading Illinois-based insurer that offers personal and commercial insurance products. Pekin operates as a group of four companies, providing varied coverage in a number of states. ​We will perform tasks, including but not limited to

  • Actuarial loss modeling
  • Feature engineering using NLP
  • Unsupervised/Supervised Learning

Students: Qingxuan Kong, Ruiqi Liu, Sophia Wang, Zhehui Chen, Priyansh Barodia, Jiusi Li, Puja Patel, Carol Song, Hui Yang, Quanyu Zuo

Supervisors: Zhiyu (Frank) Quan, Claudia Freiji, Project Manager from Carpe Data, Actuarial Manager from Pekin Insurance 

Graduate Supervisor: Linfeng Zhang