AI-Powered Lifecycle Financial Planning

Life is a game with sophisticated rules. With today’s AI technology, we can develop a lifecycle strategy guide for successes in such a game. This project aims to build algorithms that optimize decision making process for meeting important financial goals in life. We look for students who can assist in programming various life-changing scenarios for the system.

Students: Jingbin Cao, Zhehui Chen, Shuyue Deng, Jinglun Gao, Changyue Hu, Rustom Ichhaporia, Jiaxin Jiang, Wenjie Liu, Hanqing Wang, Jiayi Wang, Stephen Xu, Wenxiao Yang, Xi Zeng, Haochen Zhong

Supervisors: Alfred Chong, Runhuan Feng, Zhiyu (Frank) Quan

Graduate Supervisors: Xie Yong, Linfeng Zhang